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Real Estate

BlackRock Real Estate invests in strategies across the risk/return spectrum in both the public and private markets worldwide with over USD 21+ billion* in assets under management. With investment experience spanning multiple decades, the group has developed expertise in maximizing value for investors throughout the property lifecycle.

BlackRock Real Estate’s custom solutions span equity and debt, public and private sectors.



Core / Non core

Direct investments in both traditional and niche property sectors with investment strategies ranging from core to opportunistic. Investing in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Whole loans / Mezzanine

Loans secured by the borrower’s interest in underlying commercial properties such as offices, apartments, retail centers and hotels. Investing in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.


Real estate securities

Investments in publicly-listed REITs and other real estate companies. Investing in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.
Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) are comprised of numerous commercial mortgages of varying terms and values, backed by commercial real estate. Investing in the US.


We believe successful investing requires a local market presence with the operational and analytical expertise to buy, manage and sell real estate assets. BlackRock Real Estate’s breadth, expertise and solutions approach are critical to achieving this objective.

Why BlackRock for Real Estate?



We believe that a local presence may lead to better investment outcomes and BlackRock Real Estate is deeply positioned across major markets in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific with 210+ professionals in 16 offices*. We benefit from the global economic knowledge of BlackRock’s 130 investment teams, which we leverage to better understand our industry, credit and tenant exposures. A global and dedicated real estate Risk and Quantitative Analysis (RQA) group simultaneously assists our investment teams in identifying and managing risk and making assessments associated with real estate capital markets and investment strategies.


With investment experience spanning multiple decades, BlackRock Real Estate has developed expertise in maximizing value for investors throughout the property lifecycle. The cyclical nature of real estate returns necessitates a team with the capability to identify value across public and private markets and the best approach to capturing the opportunity within the capital stack.

To effectively develop strategy and market/sub-market forecasts for investment selection, data flow from real estate equity and debt transactions and asset management professionals provides information that is used in conjunction with in-house global real estate market research and capital markets intelligence.

Differentiated sourcing advantages result from our real estate equity teams reviewing the commercial real estate collateral of real estate debt investments. And valuable market insight on comparable stabilized transactions and market fundamentals/pricing is derived from our core and real estate securities investment capabilities, respectively.


BlackRock Real Estate has been developing customized real estate investment programs for the last four decades across strategies and risk/return profiles. Importantly, in a fiduciary capacity, we have been focused on addressing shifting investor objectives across real estate cycles, involving the management of complex asset and portfolio takeover assignments. BlackRock Real Estate is also able to tap into proprietary technology, including private markets portfolio optimization and real estate attribution and scenario analysis to reinforce a nimble and outcome-oriented approach to portfolio construction.

Key statistics*

USD 21 billion+ in client assets
16 offices in 10 countries

*Source: BlackRock as of 31 March 2018; Professionals includes support staff