Global Investor Pulse: Survey Results

BlackRock is keenly interested in what investors across the globe are thinking, how it is influencing financial behavior, and what it can tell us about the future.

More than 27,000 investors from around the world answered our questions. The findings highlighted here focus on what 4,000 Americans told us in July and August 2014.

Americans face a big gap between desired and estimated income from retirement savings


This gap spans people across all levels of wealth. Even more affluent investors who have above average retirement savings balances are expecting more income than their savings can generate.



Seven Habits of Highly Effective Investors


Highly Effective Investors are well-prepared for their financial future and have important financial behaviors in common: seeking financial advice, focusing on saving for retirement, managing debt, and regularly reviewing their finances.


Americans are still pessimistic about finances


Just over half (52%) of Americans describe their financial future positively, below the global average of 56%, even as the American economy is well into its recovery.



Cash levels remain (too) high


Almost two-thirds (63%) of all savings and investments are in cash, with most of those (51%) held in traditional checking or savings accounts. The three key reasons given by Americans for holding high levels of cash are "Having cash makes me feel safe" (38%); "I am cautious with my money" (37%); and "I want to be flexible and keep my options open" (34%).


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What are women investors thinking?

How do they feel about meeting long-term financial goals, especially retirement? Our Investor Pulse survey answers many of these questions on women's minds today.

59% of all Americans have any retirement dedicated savings. 73% of all Americans are concerned they will not be able to live comfortably in retirement. Within less than 7 years in retirement, affluent pre-retirees' total retirement savings* will be exhausted given their income expectations. 47% of all Americans say the #1 reason making it hard to save for retirement is that they don't earn enough. 3x as much time is spent by highly effective investors in reviewing and monitoring their savings and investments.

* Not including Social Security benefits

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

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