While not much of a surprise given extended life expectancy statistics, many of the investors polled are grappling with the challenges of retirement planning. Only one-in-five expects to spend more than 25 years living in retirement—despite the fact that a healthy couple aged 65 in the U.S. today has a 50% chance that at least one of them will live to the age of 92.1

"Funding a comfortable retirement" came up as one of the biggest financial priorities for U.S. investors, however, there's a gap between retirement goals and investor confidence in achieving them. In helping to meet these challenges, U.S. retirees have amassed a wealth of knowledge over the course of a lifetime of saving and investing. This knowledge forms the basis of a range of recommendations that focus not only on the need to save more, but also the need—and possibly the positive desire—to keep working beyond normal retirement age. Here are the top four retirement regrets from retirees.

Investor Pulse Retirement Infographic

Take Action: So What Do I Do With My Money?

Plan for the reality that your retirement savings need to last longer and your investment strategy needs to work harder in your pre-retirement years. Not adjusting your strategy may actually pose a far bigger risk than the short-term ups and downs of the market.

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Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

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