LifePath® target date funds explained

  • There are some challenges in life you may be prepared to take on.
    And there are others where you’d rather trust a professional. 

    The same holds true when investing for retirement. 

    Some people enjoy the challenge of managing their own investments. 

    While others prefer to let professionals pilot their investment strategies. 

    If that’s you, there’s a professionally managed investment option which follows a sophisticated flight plan that adjusts for your time to retirement.

    Known as LifePath Target Date Funds, they seek to provide a diversified investment that balances between growing your investment and protecting against risk to help you advance toward your retirement goals.
    Similar to how a plane’s glide path adjusts as it approaches its destination, the investment allocation changes as you approach retirement. 

    When you’re young and far from retirement, the investment mix is more aggressive to help your investments grow.

    As you approach retirement, the fund automatically shifts to a more conservative investment allocation with the goal of preserving your savings.

    When you arrive at your desired retirement date, the fund shifts to an investment mix designed to help you retain spending power through retirement.
    So if you like the idea of gliding into retirement with the help of professionals managing your investments, LifePath Target Date Funds are available to help you on your journey.

    Visit your retirement plan website to learn more today.