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Envestnet and BlackRock are partnering to bring you technology that connects what your advisors do for their clients to what it means to them. And because it’s integrated with the systems your advisors already use, they can put ideas and insights into action with just a few clicks.

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    You’re in the business of connecting.

    You connect your clients with appropriate investment strategies to help meet their goals.

    You connect the dots between market events and related risks and opportunities.

    And you connect to build trust and show clients and prospects the value of what you bring to the table.

    BlackRock’s Advisor Center and iRetire® help power these connections.

    Quickly and easily analyze and compare portfolios, identify potential areas of risk, stay ahead of tax impacts and estimate annual retirement income. Within seconds, see the impacts of changes you make with simple yet sophisticated tools powered by Aladdin®, BlackRock’s risk management technology, used by some of the world’s largest investors and financial institutions.

    Demonstrate your value to clients and prospects with portfolio-specific insights and personalized reports that show how you could help change their financial outlook and help them reach their goals.

    We’re committed to connecting you to the tools you need to help you save valuable time, make more informed decisions, build stronger relationships and win new business.

    Let’s make the connection.

Create more ‘a-ha’ moments with 360° Evaluator

Identify potential areas of risk with Scenario Tester

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    Information overload. 24/7 news cycles. Endless social media feeds. These days, it can be difficult for clients to separate noise from news. The “what if’s” pile up, and so does client uncertainty around their financial future.

    But, what if you could address those concerns head on? What if you could alleviate your clients' worries and help them focus on what matters?

    With BlackRock’s Scenario Tester, you can see the potential impact of different market events on a portfolio’s individual holdings and asset classes. Just upload a portfolio and select from more than 30 market shocks to see how it might react.

    And with an easy-to-understand report, you can set expectations and help clients understand what you're doing to manage their risk.

    Use Scenario Tester today to connect BlackRock’s sophisticated risk management technology with your clients and prospects, to make the uncertain more certain.

Estimate retirement income in minutes with iRetire®

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    Change is constant. Time passes. Markets move. Clients’ needs and expectations evolve. Yet, establishing and revisiting a plan for retirement as things change can be daunting – leading to missed opportunities to realign with your clients’ lives, and goals.

    BlackRock’s iRetire changes that.

    With iRetire you can quickly and easily assess the feasibility of your clients’ retirement income goals, build trust and add value by exposing potential gaps in their current savings and investing strategies and align on a new plan based on a number of inputs, including held-away assets – to help ensure they’re on a path to meet their retirement income goals.

    Use the iRetire decumulation module to help guide retired clients and prospects toward balancing today’s income needs with those that may arise in the future.

    Change the dialogue with clients and prospects by downloading personalized, client-ready reports to help kick-start the conversation around retirement – connecting the dots between their finances and their lifetime income goals.

    Use iRetire today to help strengthen relationships and make planning an easy, continuous process.

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A seamless integration

BlackRock and Envestnet have connected these tools into the workflow that your advisors already use. Once you activate, your advisors can unlock even greater potential in their practices.

These sophisticated, yet quick to use tools make it easy for your advisors to analyze and compare portfolios, identify potential areas of risk, anticipate potential tax impacts and estimate annual retirement income.

Client outputs highlight the impact your advisors are making on clients’ investments and show prospects how working with your firm could change their financial outlook.

*Please note: some features and key benefits can only be accessed through integration with the Envestnet platform.


FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Not to be show or distributed to clients.


IMPORTANT: The projections or other information generated by the tools regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time.


This information should not be relied upon as research, investment advice, or a recommendation regarding any products, strategies, or any security in particular. This material is strictly for illustrative, educational, or informational purposes and is subject to change.


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