How to invest with BlackRock

At BlackRock, we partner with financial professionals across the United States to ensure they have the proper tools and materials to help you get your financial house in order — offering advice and guidance to assist you in building a financial plan and an investment portfolio suited to your particular goals. As BlackRock does not employ financial advisors, we strongly encourage you to work with a financial professional.


Step 1:If you do not currently have a relationship with a financial professional and want to get started, review our “Working with a financial advisor” piece for some helpful tips. You can also search for a financial professional in your area using FINRA’s BrokerCheck® at BlackRock does not endorse or recommend any specific firm. Depending on where you live, there may be local firms or national firms that are better suited to assist you in your investment decisions.

Step 2: Once you have connected with a financial professional, discuss your financial goals and the full spectrum of BlackRock investment solutions best suited to your portfolio. Be sure to read each Fund's prospectus prior to investing.

To open an account directly with BlackRock, continue to Step 3 and Step 4. To open an account through your financial professional, please work with them on their firm’s process.

Step 3: Select the appropriate account application to open your BlackRock account. If you do not see the form or application you need, please contact us.

Step 4: Complete your application, review it with your financial professional, and send your check (made payable to "BlackRock" or "BlackRock Funds") and application to us at the address on the application. Once we establish your account, we will send you a confirmation statement detailing your account number and confirming your investments with us.

When considering your options for investing with BlackRock — either through a financial professional or direct access, it is important for you to consider the benefits associated with each option.