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Why now for the Global
Allocation Fund?

Insights from the Global Allocation Team

Jul 13, 2017 / by Kent Hogshire, CFA & Mike Trudel, CFA

Portfolio manager Kent Hogshire talks about why should investors consider Global Allocation – a strategy supported by one of the most experienced global multi-asset teams.*

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    Mike Trudel: Kent, you have been a big part of our team’s investment success for the past 17 years. You have covered a variety of sectors, industries, asset classes. You have invested alongside of Dennis and Dan during some of the most volatile markets in the past eight years. Of all the investment choices available for clients today, what are some key reasons why they should still select the Global Allocation Team?

    Kent Hogshire: Well, I think the most important reason Mike is we have an experienced team that has been there through multiple market cycles. We have been able to perform when times are good and we have been there to help preserve capital when times are difficult. I started at the fund in 2000 and shortly thereafter we of course entered the NASDAQ crisis, and we saw sharp sell-off in global equity markets and in credit markets. And that was a period when the team was able to have a longer term perspective, to preserve capital going in, and to identity value during that period. Now, same could be said for the global financial crisis. Again, a focus on preserving capital for our clients, waiting for periods of market dislocation and having the breadth and depth to be able to buy cheap assets during those periods and make sure that we are positioned for success in the long run. And I think a lot of it stems from our approach to risk. Our approach to risk is all about capital preservation; it’s about being there during the difficult times for our clients, and it’s about making sure we have the people on the team, again, the experience set, to be able to take advantage of those opportunities and to be able to have that focus on capital preservation. It’s also why I am a shareholder in Global Allocation. I have five kids, and all my kids’ college saving money is invested in Global Allocation. Because I care about capital preservation. I care about long term capital appreciation. These are the mandates I have as an investor and they fit exactly with the mandate of the Global Allocation Fund.



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Kent Hogshire, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Global Allocation Team
Kent Hogshire, CFA, Director, is a member of the Global Allocation team within BlackRock's Multi-Asset Strategies Group.
Mike Trudel, CFA
Global Strategist, Global Allocation Team
Michael Trudel, CFA, JD, Managing Director, is a member of the Global Allocation Team within BlackRock's Multi-Asset Strategies Group.