LifePath® Dynamic Funds

  • Today’s rapidly changing investment landscape can produce volatility and uncertain returns.

    That’s a serious challenge for retirement investors, who aim to accumulate savings and turn them into an income stream they can rely on.

    LifePath Dynamic actively managed target date funds can help.

    We started with the time-tested foundation of the industry’s first target date fund, including an emphasis on reducing volatility around retirement, when participants may be most worried about, and affected by, losses.

    Then we built in the flexibility to capture the best ideas from BlackRock’s portfolio managers to adapt to changing market conditions.

    The result: a suite of target date funds that seeks to capitalize on opportunities and deliberately manage risk in all sorts of market environments, so that people can be more secure in retirement.

    The LifePath Dynamic portfolio management team starts with a strategic, long-term allocation target built to take age appropriate risk across an individual’s lifetime.

    We then select complementary managers, blend the funds together, and tactically adjust the portfolios as markets change.

    The flexibility of this powerful toolkit can potentially increase returns, helping participants’ account balances grow so they can create the income they want for retirement.

    Throughout the journey, the managers employ some of the most sophisticated investing tools in the world...including BlackRock’s robust active and index investment strategies and the industry-leading Aladdin risk management system.

    It’s the time-tested target date fund you know, managed with all the skills and resources of the world’s largest asset manager.

    Easy-to-use funds managed by a seasoned team that draws on a powerful toolkit and adapts to market conditions—that’s how LifePath Dynamic helps build retirement well-being.