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Welcome to BlackRock’s full-service experience for Ascent. This is your access point to our resources, capabilities and services tailored for you. We’re committed to knowing your business and building a long-standing relationship to help you deliver the unique value your clients have come to expect.

Get in touch with Mark Tigue

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I’m your direct line into BlackRock on our dedicated private bank team. Whether helping you educate your clients, manage risk or build portfolios, my goal is to be your strategic partner to put BlackRock’s many capabilities and resources to work for you.

Please reach out to me at any time.


Discover how your PMs can learn more about risk today
Investors who know more about the risks in their portfolio are 4X more satisfied with their advisor and 2 in 3 are more likely to invest more assets.
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How do you see portfolio risk?

Everyone sees risk differently. To some, it’s volatility of returns. To others, it’s simply losing money – either through market downturns or declining purchasing power. At BlackRock, we look through a series of lenses to help create a clearer picture of a portfolio's risk.

Assess your portfolio

Know what you own, today

Investors often look backwards to assess risk, asking: what happened over the last one, three or five years? But a portfolio’s past behavior may not represent the current risk embedded in its holdings.

Look beyond the past

How do you see risk?

Zoom in on specific risks

The naked eye can only see so much. Our proprietary risk platform – Aladdin® – maps exposure to over 2,200 distinct risk factors, the underlying drivers of a portfolio's behavior.

Examine risk more closely

Market shocks

Prepare for market shocks

Do you know how your portfolio might react to a market downturn or an interest rate spike? Calibrate your expectations to help you better prepare for what may happen next.

Shock a portfolio

The power of Aladdin®

We’re offering you our insights – harnessing the collective intelligence of Aladdin – through institutional-strength portfolio analytics. From the thousands of portfolio analyses we’ve done, we see a host of trends that we can discuss with you, from identifying unaccounted-for sources of risk in your portfolio to illustrating and calibrating your portfolio’s sensitivity to broader macro events.


BlackRock’s Aladdin is the industry leading risk management platform that powers everything we do on behalf of our clients.

Relied on by over 100 of the largest institutions and approximately 20,000 investment professionals around the world, Aladdin is more than just technology.*

It's the nervous system that connects all the information, people and tools needed to help you manage your clients' money and is powered by more than 1,000 developers focused on continuous enhancements that are made available to all clients.*