Retirement gaps
don’t just close themselves.

iRetire® by BlackRock is a whole new way to help your clients invest for retirement that brings together some of BlackRock’s best technology, investment expertise and support.

With just three simple inputs, the iRetire® plan helps you engage your clients by translating their current savings into the number that really matters—the income they could have each year in retirement.

iRetire® then shows your clients if they have a gap between the income their nest egg could provide each year in retirement and the income they really want.

Access iRetire® through your
MSI Financial Services, Inc. (MSI) workstation

MSI Step One

Step 1: Log into the MSI Portal and click on the Streetscape link under the shortcuts section

MSI Step Two

Step 2: In Streetscape, click on the Tools tab at the top right of the screen and then on any option under the Managed Accounts heading.

MSI Step 3

Step 3: Once logged into Envestnet, under the Practice tab, click on Desktop.

msi step 4

Step 4*: On the Desktop, click on the iRetire link under Launch Pad, which will initially default to the bottom of your Desktop.


MSI Step 5

*If Launch Pad is not on your Desktop, click on the Desktop Manager icon, select the plus sign next to Launch Pad and then press the check mark to save.

Sample screenshots are for illustrative purposes only.