Advisor Education

Enhance your knowledge with quick videos, Continuing Education (CE) webinars and resources for:

Portfolio Construction | Model Portfolios | ETFs | Market Intelligence

Understanding Portfolio Construction

Learn why developing a sound portfolio construction process is a foundational first step to achieving better client outcomes.

Strengthen your portfolio construction process with this webinar on:
  • Asset allocation, risk management, portfolio design and product implementation
  • How to work with clients to develop a long-term investment strategy
  • Balancing objectives, risks and costs as a fiduciary
  • 51 minute webinar, 1 CE credit
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Scaling Up with Model Portfolios

Learn how models can help scale your portfolio construction process, grow your business and keep your clients’ plans on track.

Learn about three things BlackRock focuses on when building models:
  • Taking a risk-first approach that can have an impact on long-term results
  • Being dynamic and adapting to changing market conditions
  • Managing costs in each portfolio
  • 20 minute webinar
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Scale and simplify your practice with models
  • Learn how and why successful advisors are building a models-based practice
  • 12 minute webinar
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A simple explanation of the potential benefits models offer to your business

• Simplify your practice in a scalable way
• Free time to grow your business and client relationships
• Develop a defined and repeatable investment process
2 minute video

BlackRock models can help you meet your clients' goals

• Portfolio guidance that adapts as markets change
• Constructed with ETFs to help keep costs low
• Built and monitored with Aladdin® to help mitigate risks
2 minute video

Using ETFs as Building Blocks

Learn what makes ETFs a popular choice today and how you can use them to help your clients build diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient portfolios.

Factors: A New Way

• Why investors should consider factor investing
• How data and technology can enhance factor use
17 minute video

Watch BlackRock’s virtual conference – Factors: A New Lens
  • What are factors and why they matter
  • How to implement factors in your portfolios
  • 3 hour webinar, 2.5 CE Credits
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Education on the Markets

Learn about evolving industry trends and market dynamics that could impact your clients and your business.

Two reasons to look at munis now

Inside fixed income with Peter Hayes
1 minute video

Munis during market volatility

Inside fixed income with Peter Hayes
1 minute video

Credit research in an information-rich world

Inside fixed income with Peter Hayes
1 minute video

Rick Rieder on Rates

What bond investors may be missing

Inside fixed income with Rick Rieder
2 minute video