In the know

The portfolio and practice of the future

Rising rates, inflation pressures and a geopolitical conflict require a new approach to building portfolios


BlackRock experts will cover:


  • Our market outlook: what's top of mind for clients around the globe.
  • How sustainability can grow your client base and unlock new investment opportunities. 
  • The future of health, industry, and consumer behavior, and why these megatrends can help position the value of your practice and engage your clients.

Featured speakers

Andrew Ang. PhD
Head of Factors, Sustainable and Solutions
Gargi Chaudhari
Head of ishares Investment strategy, Americas
 Carolyn Barnette, CFA
Portfolio Strategist
Jeffrey Spiegel
Head of Megatrend and International ETFs
Sarah kjellberg CIMA
Head of Sustainable ETFs
Liz Koheler, CFA
Head of the US Wealth Advisory Advisor Insights Team