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Because Advisor Center is integrated within the systems you already use, you can turn insights into action with just a few clicks.

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Advisor Center’s suite of sophisticated, yet quick-to-use tools makes it easy for advisors to analyze and compare portfolios, identify potential areas of risk, and anticipate potential tax impacts – connecting advisors with what they need as they build and manage resilient portfolios.
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Create more ‘a-ha’ moments with 360° Evaluator

Information overload. 24/7 news cycles. Endless social media feeds. These days, it can be difficult for clients to separate noise from news. The “what if’s” pile up, and so does client uncertainty around their financial future.

But, what if you could address those concerns head on? What if you could alleviate your clients' worries and help them focus on what matters?

With BlackRock’s Scenario Tester, you can see the potential impact of different market events on a portfolio’s individual holdings and asset classes. Just upload a portfolio and select from more than 30 market shocks to see how it might react.

And with an easy-to-understand report, you can set expectations and help clients understand what you're doing to manage their risk.

Use Scenario Tester today to connect BlackRock’s sophisticated risk management technology with your clients and prospects, to make the uncertain more certain.

Identify potential areas of risk with Scenario Tester

You don’t have to spend hours collecting and analyzing the tax impact of capital gains on all your clients’ portfolios. Tax Evaluator aggregates and automates this process for you.

With access to over 7,000 mutual funds and ETFs all in one place, you can create a detailed picture – in minutes. See which funds have reported estimated capital gains distributions before your clients incur the tax liability.

You can also help your clients consider the benefits of tax loss harvesting by identifying funds with negative price returns. Additionally, compare fund characteristics and rankings to help clients make informed decisions about specific holdings.

Use Tax Evaluator to track portfolios, identify potential tax savings, and help your clients keep more of what they earn.

Identify potential tax savings with Tax Evaluator

BlackRock and Fidelity

BlackRock's Advisor Center is conveniently integrated into your WealthscapeSM platform, allowing you to streamline your workflow, gain insights to customize portfolios and create client proposals. Advisor Center is designed to help you analyze portfolios, prospect new clients and hold fast and repeatable planning conversations.

Fidelity Model Portfolios are available through BlackRock's Advisor Center. These portfolios provide institutional quality investment management at a low cost; empowering you to efficiently deliver high-quality portfolios while freeing up time to add value to other aspects of your client and prospect relationships.

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