Multi-Asset Income Managed Account Strategy

Investment strategy

This investment strategy seeks current income and to a lesser extent long-term capital appreciation. Over the long term, the strategy generally seeks to have a level of risk lower than that of a blended benchmark of 50% global stocks and 50% core bonds.* It invests in a diversified portfolio of equity, fixed income and non-traditional mutual funds and exchange traded funds. Mutual funds and exchange traded funds may pay fees and expenses to BlackRock that are in addition to the fees payable to BlackRock for managing the account. Selection of this strategy indicates a willingness to assume a high level of portfolio turnover. More detailed information on this strategy is available upon request.

*Global stocks represented by the MSCI World Index. Core bonds represented by the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index.

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Investment process**

Multi-Asset Income’s investment approach blends top-down macro-economic ideas with bottom-up insight from over 15 teams across BlackRock. The strategy employs tactical asset allocation while remaining diversified among stocks, bonds and alternative income sources in seeking to protect against volatility. Michael Fredericks, as Head of Income Investing for BlackRock Multi-Asset Strategies, leads the investment strategy decisions.