The power of dividend growth

Markets kept reaching all-time highs, then came volatility. How will you navigate this environment? Get valuable insight from Tony DeSpirito, portfolio manager of the BlackRock Equity Dividend Fund.

2 minutes with Tony

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Overall Morningstar Rating1™

For over a quarter century the Equity Dividend Fund (MADVX) has a proven track record of delivering strong risk-adjusted returns

 Pay and grow chart Has provided competitive returns by focusing on attractively valued quality companies that pay and grow their dividend
4-Star1, bronze-rated fund2, outperforming 88% of peers over the last 3 years.3


Durable record of performance through diverse markets
Durable record of performance through diverse markets
Strong returns with less risk resulting in an asymmetric upside/downside capture ratio of 89/76.4


Seeks higher returns with less risk
Seeks higher returns with less risk5
The fund has grown a $100,000 investment in 2000 into over $437,565 today.6