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With sprinkles?

When it comes to picking portfolios,
every client has different tastes.

You've grown your practice by delivering personalized investment solutions. BlackRock Model Portfolios can help you scale this process. They provide a strong foundation to build on with the flexibility to customize holdings, so you can deliver personalized portfolios.

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Meet the Models

BlackRock Model Portfolios are built with a mix of active and passive funds. Our Customize tool lets you further refine holdings to meet your clients’ needs. Discover a sample of our models offering:
For clients looking to aggressively build wealth.
A crowd pleaser for most clients seeking growth while managing overall risk.
For clients nearing or in retirement who are looking for income.

Built by BlackRock experts, with the flexibility to make them your own

Experienced Builders
BlackRock Model Portfolios are built by a team of 30+ investment professionals and use BlackRock’s proprietary technology to spot risks and identify drivers of performance.
Dynamic & Adaptable
Our models are dynamic, so they can quickly adapt to address changing market conditions and keep you
on track.
Ongoing Support
We provide monthly portfolio insights and commentaries so you’re always up-to-date and ready for your next client conversation.