Bond ETFs

What’s the fastest growing bond market in the U.S.?

Bond ETF assets have grown 6x in the U.S. since 20101, as they offer competitive performance, low fees and tax efficiency.
Bond ETFs Bond ETFs

Bond ETFs offer these same benefits as equity ETFs

Competitive performance
Competitive performance
iShares bond ETFs have outperformed a majority of their peers over the last 5 years.2
Low cost
Low cost
On average, iShares bond ETFs cost 1/4 the price of active mutual funds.3
Tax efficiency
Tax efficient
Only 7% of iShares bond ETFs paid out a capital gain in 2019.4

No one bond can do it all

Its important to understand what role each fund plays in your portfolio and then optimize your bond allocation accordingly.

Getting started with The BlackRock Bond Pyramid
Consider blending fixed income ETFs with active strategies to build more diversified bond portfolios.
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