Prepare for tomorrow’s markets today
BlackRock GPS

Prepare for tomorrow’s markets

High stock market volatility and lower bond yields demand a new approach to portfolio construction. BlackRock Hedge Fund Guided Portfolio Solution (“BlackRock GPS”) offers a diversified1 mix of hedge funds through a single access point, available to advisors and clients of Merrill.

Think beyond 60/40 with BlackRock GPS

Traditional 60/40 portfolios are under pressure. Navigate uncertain markets with BlackRock GPS.
Seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns and low correlation, while seeking to preserve capital, through a diversified portfolio of hard-to-access2 hedge funds.
Easy to implement
Easy to implement
Get the advantages of both worlds: access to preeminent hedge funds, combined with the accessibility of 1099 tax reporting, monthly subscriptions, and a low $25k minimum.
BlackRock edge
BlackRock edge
Managed by a dedicated hedge fund team with 25+ years of experience, benefiting from the differentiated insights of the world’s largest asset manager3 and Aladdin®.

Diversified mix of hedge funds

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BLK GPS looks for attractive risk-adjusted returns, with low correlation to broader markets, by investing in a diversified mix of hedge fund strategies.

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