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Removing the "mental block"

Nov 21, 2016
By Steven Robson

Removing the "mental block"

Hear from Steven Robson about how better and simpler communications can encourage long-term participation in DC plans.

About the author

Steven Robson
Former Head of Pensions, United Utilities Group

Steven Robson is the former Head of Pensions and formerly a member of the Business Services leadership team at United Utilities Group PLC, where he was responsible for all aspects of pension provision including chairing the company Pension Risk Management Group, commercial negotiations, management of the internal team and an increasing focus on DC. Robson has over 25 years’ experience in the pensions industry of which 16 years was spent in a consultancy environment.

He is a Fellow of the Pensions Management Industry, a director of Electricity Pensions Limited and former Chairman of the Manchester Group of the NAPF.