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Theory and practice

Sep 26, 2016

As the world’s leading manager of retirement assets, BlackRock has an unrelenting fiduciary obligation to our clients. Every day we bring our global capabilities and intellect to bear for the investment portfolios we manage.

But in our view, the responsibilities of a fiduciary extend well beyond the letter of the law and even delivering strong performance—to be sure, an indispensable foundation. We judge ourselves by this and also by a higher standard: whether we can deliver to our clients innovative tools and insights to help them make better decisions—and even improve their overall ability to make decisions. For we recognize that many of our clients—financial advisors and plan sponsors—are fiduciaries, too. And part of our job is to help them be better fiduciaries to their clients.

We see this as a combination of theory and practice. Underlying many of our unique market insights is a theoretical understanding, originated here at BlackRock, of specific financial challenges. Yet we never indulge in theory for its own sake. Sometimes new theory is necessary to break through stale intellectual boundaries. But we’re always looking to apply those breakthroughs in concrete ways that directly benefit our clients.

Matthew O’Hara
Global Head of the Lifetime Asset Allocation Group
Matthew O'Hara, PhD, CFA, Managing Director, is the Global Head of Investments for LifePath and is Chair of the U.S. and Canada LifePath Executive Committee and ...