How MyMap can help you grow your business

BlackRock’s MyMap range of funds is here to help you grow your business.
Our six MyMap products each have a different risk-return profile, helping you construct a suitable core investment portfolio for your clients.

Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

We think our MyMap range fulfils the core investment criteria of a range of clients:

  • Designed with a pre-defined volatility band, achieved through different exposures to equities, bonds and non-traditional assets.
  • A high level of diversification 1
  • A low-cost investment at just 0.17% per annum …
  • … but with experienced active management to manage risk and capture opportunities
  • Using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track the performance of an index provide much-needed liquidity

MyMap is here to help meet your clients’ investment goals, but we also believe we can work to help your business thrive.

1 Diversification and asset allocation may not fully protect you from market risk.

Can you run your business more efficiently?

One of the benefits of the MyMap range of funds is that it addresses a lot of your challenges and your clients’ concerns when it comes to constructing a suitable core investment portfolio. Because each MyMap fund has a different risk-return profile, you can select the right fund or combination of funds for your clients’ financial circumstances and long-term goals.

As a result, you will find yourself with less cost-benefit analysis to complete, your clients will save on fees and you will have more time to engage with them on other issues. For example, with the particulars of a client’s core portfolio quickly established, there is more time to analyse satellite holdings, which could offer a regular income, access to alternatives or diversifying exposure to other sectors and regions.

And because MyMap is geared to your clients’ risk and return objectives, you can spend more time growing your business – whether that’s working on marketing, thought leadership and more niche investment products. Efficiency can be, after all, the key to scaling up – it’s how a firm with the capacity to service 100 clients can service 1,000 with the same level of effort. 

More support to help take your clients with you

Providing details of an investment for clients is not always easy. BlackRock provides you with the extra support you need to give your clients a comprehensive overview of the MyMap range.

We break down the volatility targets of each fund, so clients can understand where they are taking risks and the potential returns they might make for taking those risks. Our collateral is extensive, user-friendly and easy to discuss with your clients.

Designed with a more digital industry in mind

One million people in the UK became digital investors last year. Robo-advice is on the rise and, due to the pandemic, more clients are used to accessing services online. We believe a simple, easy-to-understand investment can help your business become a more saleable prospect in a world where face-to-face interaction with clients may not be as frequent.

Technology was already disrupting the financial advisory industry long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but certain trends have intensified, and consumers expect a fast, reliable and personalised service at their fingertips. This is what MyMap can offer – an instant and off-the-shelf, investment to suit every possible risk-return profile. Our MyMap 5 Select ESG fund even offers an environmental, social & governance focus if your clients want to invest sustainably through a low-cost, lower-risk strategy.2

We created MyMap for a world where a combination of easy-to-access digital services and less frequent – though more worthwhile – face-to-face contact is the future of financial advice.

2 BlackRock has not considered the suitability of this investment against your individual needs and risk tolerance. To ensure you understand whether our product is suitable, please read the Key Investor Information Document / Prospectus available at

Can MyMap do more for your business?

MyMap is designed to address clients’ concerns – risk-adjusted, low-cost, diversified investments combining off-the-shelf convenience with carefully crafted portfolio construction. This gives you:
More time to grow other aspects of your business
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Possibilities to build long-lasting relationships with your clients by focusing more on their financial plans and satellite holdings
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Access to marketing and collateral information you need to give your clients the best service possible
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An off-the-shelf yet personalised investment that can help you adapt to an increasingly digitised industry