Meet the Team

Managed by a dedicated and experienced team of asset allocation and risk management experts, the new MyMap fund range benefits from the collective insights and decades of cumulative experience investing globally across asset classes and different market cycles. The team believe that better investment outcomes can be delivered by being disciplined and focusing on achieving the right balance between the certainty of cost and uncertainty of risk and return. By just focusing on one of these components the team believe you can lose control of the others. As such key areas of focus for the team include managing the right mix of assets through time to deliver a consistent experience in a changing world.

Rafael Iborra Rafael Iborra, is the lead portfolio manager for the MyMap fund range and is senior investor within BlackRock’s Multi-Asset Strategies group based in London. He is part of a global team and has direct responsibility for managing a range of strategies combining active asset allocation and risk management with predominantly index and exchange traded funds. Rafael brings extensive knowledge of risk managed asset allocation including from his previous tenure at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he designed risk controlled strategies. Rafael graduated from EDHEC Business School and joined Merrill Lynch in 2008.
John Wang John Wang, PhD, CFA, is a portfolio manager for the MyMap fund range and investor within BlackRock’s Multi-Asset Strategies group. John has been a quantitative analyst, portfolio manager and researcher using exchange traded funds since 2010. John received the Westfield Trust scholarship for his PhD in electronic engineering from University of London in 2010.
Christopher Ellis Thomas Christopher Ellis Thomas, CFA, is part of the MyMap team with a dedicated focus on developing and managing solutions for UK investors. Chris joined the investment management industry in 2004 and brings asset allocation expertise within wealth management from his tenures at Merrill Lynch and Julius Baer as well as gaining multi-asset and quantitative analyst experience at BNP Paribas. Chris earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Birmingham.
Andrew Keegan Andrew Keegan, is part of the MyMap team and leads the development and management of solutions for investors across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Andrew began his investment management career in 2006 and prior to moving to BlackRock in 2013 was part of Merrill Lynch's Global Chief Investment Office where his focus was on multi-asset portfolio and risk management for discretionary and advisory clients. Andrew also led the development and ongoing management of Merrill Lynch’s CIO asset allocation strategies using exchange traded funds. Andrew graduated from University College Dublin where his postgraduate thesis was on the topic of active versus passive investing.