Opinion polls on UK EU Membership, 2011-2015

Source: BlackRock Investment Institute and YouGov, February 2015.
Note: responses are based on the question “If there was a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, how would you vote?”
Note: BlackRock’s Investment Institute produces investment outlooks, global insights, market perspectives and risk assessments by leveraging in-house expertise across markets, asset classes and client segments.

  • A referendum over the UK’s EU membership is a key risk under a Conservative majority or a Conservative-led coalition
  • Although neither a Conservative-win nor a UK vote to leave the EU are foregone conclusions, a Brexit could have serious ramifications on UK fiscal policy and asset prices
  • Potential outcomes of Britain leaving the EU include sovereign ratings downgrades, an erosion of the safe-haven status of gilts, a dampening of business and foreign investment, and a harsh spotlight on the UK’s chronic current account deficit

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