8 September 2015

Driven by a desire to make the lives of the advisers and wealth managers we work with easier, we’ve selected Morningstar to provide a range of advanced portfolio analysis tools, free of charge, through our website.

All you need to do to access the Morningstar suite of tools is register your details. That’s it – there are no other obligations on your part. The suite includes Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray, a tool that can instantly reveal if a portfolio is well-diversified or overly-concentrated in a particular area, helping you to reduce risk more effectively.

The cost of analysis

A number of advisers have told me just how much of an overhead analytical tools are for their practices, so when we were looking at ways to evolve our digital offering, it seemed obvious that finding a way to reduce this burden would make a real difference. Our hope is that by working with Morningstar to provide these tools, we are freeing-up advisers to focus their resources on growing their business and further-developing client relationships.

8:40 from BlackRock

When you register your details, you’ll automatically be signed up to receive the 8:40 from BlackRock, an email that hits inboxes on a Monday morning at precisely (you’ve guessed it) 8:40am. The 8:40 is a weekly round-up of the ‘best of’ the website, including market views, blog posts and more, helping to set you up for the week ahead. You can, of course, unsubscribe from the 8:40 at any point.

More to come

As we continue to evolve the site, our ambition is that UK wealth advisers will soon earn CPD points when attending a digital event or course too. We’d really like to hear from you about any other ways in which we can improve our digital content and communications, so please get in touch with any ideas by emailing adviserexchange@blackrock.com.

CARS ref: RSM-1758
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We’d really like to hear from you about any other ways in which we can improve our digital content and communications