The Autumn Statement: Initial impact on UK equities

David Goldman |25-Nov-2016

Highlights of the main announcements from the Autumn Statement, the immediate impact on markets and our outlook for UK equities.

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement is unlikely to put an end to the continued market volatility. The backdrop to the speech is prolonged uncertainty due to Brexit negotiations, with UK growth under pressure and higher inflation following sterling’s depreciation.

The statement marked the first step in the government’s signalled shift towards using fiscal policy to boost growth, with the focus being on increases in spending on infrastructure, housing and research & development. While these projects will help UK growth, the spending commitments announced so far are limited in scale as the chancellor appears keen to keep plenty of firepower should growth deteriorate more than expected over the next 12 to 18 months. Consequently, his statement had an underwhelming impact on the market as a whole, with no significant sector reaction nor impact on sterling.

“…it is crucial to focus on identifying well-managed, cash generative companies that can succeed in the medium and long-term”

There is nothing in the statement to significantly change our view of the world. Markets continue to be dominated by significant political and economic events creating an ever more complex, uncertain and volatile environment in which to invest. Given this backdrop, which is unlikely to change anytime soon, we believe it is crucial to focus on identifying well-managed, cash generative companies that can succeed in the medium and long-term. We expect that the bouts of volatility that will undoubtedly persist going into 2017 and beyond will continue to provide opportunities to buy these companies at attractive prices. Selecting these advantaged companies and being disciplined about avoiding companies where we believe balance sheets are stretched or where there are structural challenges is key to meeting investors’ income requirements over the longer term.

David Goldman
co-Fund Manager of the BlackRock UK Income Fund
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