Get closer to your financial goals with income investing

What are your financial goals?

Are they long-term, such as preparing for retirement? Or, perhaps, something more short-term like taking a dream holiday?

Whatever they are, achieving them requires discipline, steadfast commitment, and most importantly, an investment portfolio that can weather different market cycles. Having a well-diversified income portfolio with the flexibility to deliver income from multiple different sources can play a central role in bringing you closer to what you want.

Find the income you need

Our three unique funds aim to deliver an attractive mix of income and potential growth. And their flexibility to adjust asset allocations based on changing market environment can help you reach your financial dreams faster.

1 Enhance your income strategy

BGF Dynamic High Income Fund
Expand your horizons with a fund that invests into complementary asset classes, seeking to provide a high level of income with a flexible asset allocation approach

2 Generate income in a risk-aware and diversified manner

BGF Global Multi-Asset Income Fund
Allocates flexibly across asset classes in the search for above average income without sacrificing long term capital growth.

3 Get more with credit

BGF Asian Tiger Bond Fund
Enjoy Asian credit's strong relative yields and appreciate the potential of the region’s improving macroeconomic and corporate fundamentals.