BlackRock's Official Institutions Group provides investment solutions to sovereign investors worldwide with a highly consultative approach that emphasizes rigorous investment discipline, superior analytics, unrivalled risk management and appropriate discretion. BlackRock’s cohesive framework coupled with our unparalleled geographic, asset class and investment-style capabilities have made us the pre-eminent asset manager for sovereign institutions globally.

BlackRock strongly believes central banks and sovereign wealth funds around the world are re-thinking their asset allocation because of divergent monetary policies and diminished income opportunities. Comprehensive analytical tools are in high demand to better quantify the implications of greater asset diversification, performance objectives, and heightened tail risks.

Helping those entrusted with public assets achieve optimal returns within carefully calibrated risk budgets is the primary focus of BlackRock’s Official Institutions Group. Highly customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique circumstance will remain a hallmark of our approach. We also remain fully committed to helping official institutions prosper with real-time market information, knowledge-transfer resources, and full-service, efficient solutions.

As you navigate an increasingly difficult investment landscape, we expect this website will serve as a window to our singular objective: to be your most valued and trusted financial partner and investment advisor.