Diversify with multi-asset strategies

Through multi-asset strategies, investors can access the power of diversification to seek total returns in a risk-controlled manner.

What you need to know

Periods of unexpected volatility mean that being in the wrong place at the wrong time could be costly. Investors can rely on multi-asset strategies to cautiously take on more risk across time as they seek alpha.



Investors should remain mindful of potential disruptions to the current uncharacteristically low volatility environment.



Capital market assumptions continue to project low beta returns.

Asset class dispersion


Asset class dispersion
Rising asset class dispersion creates opportunities to identify security and asset class winners and losers.

How can multi-asset strategies help?

Multi-asset strategies are designed to deliver improved outcomes by eliminating investment boundaries and dynamically adjusting portfolios over time. Having a multi-asset approach can help investors diversify and protect assets in unexpected market downturns while still seeking total return.

Explore incorporating multi-asset strategies into your portfolio

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BGF Global Multi Asset Income Fund

The BGF Global Multi-Asset Income Fund seeks out the best income opportunities around the world and across asset classes, carefully balancing the trade-offs between yield and risk. The BGF Global Multi-Asset Income Fund is supported by a 135+ team of multi-asset experts and hundreds of risk specialists that manage more than $24 billion in multi-asset income portfolios.

BGF Global Allocation Fund

The BGF Global Allocation Fund is a diversified portfolio that seeks to provide a rate of return competitive with that of global stocks at a lower level of volatility over a full-market cycle. Its seasoned management made up of 50 dedicated professionals, employs a “global micro” investment approach combining fundamental bottom-up security selection with top-down asset allocation and risk management.

BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios

The BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios are all-in-one, actively-managed core portfolios that consist 100% of low cost UCITs iShares ETFs and Index Funds in a mutual fund structure.

Why BGF Global Multi Asset Income Fund?
Consistently attractive income
Has delivered a compelling and sustainable level of income since inception, providing an average annual yield of 5.6%.1
Risk-first mandate
Through its risk-first mandate, delivers twice the income while taking less risk than a balanced portfolio.2
Flexible, diverse portfolio
Adapts dynamically as markets
change through diversification across more than 10 asset classes, 40 countries and 20 sectors.
Why BGF Global Allocation Fund?
Unconstrained in search of opportunity
Well diversified portfolio that invests across asset classes, regions, currencies and sectors.
Experienced management team

Comprised of more than 50 individuals dedicated to the management and administration of the fund.
Proven record

Since inception, the fund has generated returns in excess of global stocks with one-third less volatility.3
Why BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios?
Active allocation
Combines long-term strategic views and tactical opportunities to implement investment ideas across asset classes and sectors.
Low-cost building blocks
Uses only UCITs iShares ETFs and Index Funds, which allow for greater transparency and lower overall cost for the investor.
Robust risk management
Leverages BlackRock’s world class proprietary risk management system, Aladdin®, to offer 3 risk profiles to investors.

Resources and education for multi-asset strategies

Learn more about BGF Global Multi Asset Income Fund and multi-asset strategies through these relevant resources.

Resources and education for multi-asset strategies

Learn more about BGF Global Allocation Fund and multi-asset strategies through these relevant resources.

Resources and education for multi-asset strategies

Learn more about BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios and multi-asset strategies through these relevant resources.