Paying less in taxes means more money in your pocket

In a low return environment, every dollar counts. Now more than ever, it’s important for investors to consider tax efficiency in building a portfolio.

iShares ETFs can help you keep more of what you earn
10+ year track record of tax efficiency for the iShares fund family
99% of iShares did not pay capital gains in 2013
230+ iShares ETFs have never paid a capital gain

Source: BlackRock, 2013

The Long Term Impact

  • See below for an example of the long term impact of taxes, where an investor could have paid over $5,000 in taxes by Year 5.
  • Capital gains taxes alone can cause significant damage. If a fund pays a $10,000 distribution to you, you could owe between $1,500 to $3,500 in taxes.
  • For many investors, that could be an expense they didn’t expect and one they can’t afford.
Tax Chart

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