• What are Authorized Participants?

    The Authorized Participants are the party that distributes the duly qualified certificates and titles that belong to the stocks distribution system, who have signed an Authorized Participant agreement with the manager. They act in the name and on behalf of the fund, establishing the terms and conditions for creating and redeeming the minimum fund share lots.

  • What is the difference between Qualified Agents and Authorized Participants?

    All agents registered in the Exchange are allowed to conduct transactions with equity securities of iShares ETFs, but only some of them are Authorized Participants, that is, authorized by the manager.

  • How are shares from iShares ETFs redeemed? Will I receive cash or stocks?

    In the primary market, both the process of creating and the process of redeeming iShares ETFs are conducted with equity securities, together with a small amount of cash. To access the composition of the baskets applicable to creating and redeeming the minimum equity securities lots for the funds.

Contactos de participantes autorizados de iShares en España