• How can I trade iShares ETFs?

    Participation units of iShares ETFs may be negotiated and traded through a broker or distributor of certificates and securities duly qualified and belonging to the exchange, either directly or through a home broker. The trading of iShares ETFs' participation units takes place on the stock exchange during the market's hours of operation.

    Brokerage fees depend on each broker. Refer to the fees charged by each broker before making your investment.

  • Can I trade directly with BlackRock?

    No. BlackRock acts merely in the management of the iShares ETFs. The investor may trade shares on the stock exchange or, if he wishes to pay for or redeem a minimum lot of shares, he must seek out an Authorized Participant, but the investor always trades through a broker.

  • What is the financial clearing period for iShares ETFs shares?

    The iShares ETFs are cleared in three business days (T+3), as are all transactions involving the trading of foreign shares on the exchange.

  • How are dividends and other rights to the stocks in the portfolio treated?

    Depending on the iShares ETF structure. Dividends and yields generated can be reinvested in the acquisitions of underlying securities, or can be distributed to the investors according to the distribution politics of the iShares ETFs Bylaws.

  • What is the cost of trading iShares ETFs shares?

    The cost will be the trading price obtained on the stock market, plus the stock exchange fees and the brokerage fee applied by your broker. The administrative fee expenses, as well as any eventual income deriving from the lending of stocks comprising the portfolio, shall be included in the fund shares.

  • When selling shares of the ETFs on the secondary market, will I receive money or stock?

    Provided that the trades are done in the secondary market- purchases and sales on the stock market- the settlement will be done in cash.

  • Do iShares ETFs have a minimum investment or waiting period?

    The minimum investment to purchase shares of an iShares ETF on the secondary market corresponds to the block trading pattern on the exchange. This makes iShares ETFs an accessible investment for investors of various profiles.

    There is no waiting period. You can sell when you want, without being subject to short-term restrictions or the payment of exit/redemption fees. It is even possible to buy and sell shares of the iShares ETFs on the same day.

  • Can I receive information on the funds by e-mail?

    Yes. To do so, click on "register" at the top of the home page, register your e-mail address, and select the funds on which you would like to receive information.