Fluctuating exchange rates can impact your global equity returns. That’s why iShares created currency hedged versions of five flagship international funds (Europe, Emerging Markets, EAFE, Japan and Germany). Our funds help you manage the effect of a strengthening U.S. dollar on your investments, in one simple package.

iShares Currency Hedged ETFs



  • Int'l Developed Small-Cap

Single Country

Fixed Income

  • Global ex-US High Yield

Why iShares Dollar Suite?

  • Exposure you want—We provide quality MSCI benchmark exposures, both unhedged and hedged. This means you get targeted comprehensive coverage of regions or single countries.
  • Structure that delivers efficiencies—Our funds are designed to be cost efficient, driven by our knowledge of how to maneuver in global currency markets.
  • Liquidity you expect—With $150bn in assets*, our funds are liquid and trade efficiently**, which can help you minimize your trading costs.

Currency Impact Calculator

When investing internationally, your total return is a function of both stock return and currency return.