The iShares Core Series offers nine of the most popular equity and bond funds, providing core building blocks for the heart of your clients’ portfolio, at a low cost.

The range contains seven equity funds, offering exposure to global, regional and single country, as well as two fixed-income funds covering the broad government and corporate-bond markets.

The flexibility of the iShares Core Series means the funds can be used in a variety of ways - to build a new portfolio from scratch, to complement an existing portfolio, or to rebuild a portfolio.

Helping you deliver high quality portfolios while keeping costs low - for your clients and your business.

Building firm foundations

The iShares Core Series provides the tools to build a firm foundation for client portfolios. While the range is versatile, each of the funds consistently deliver:

High Quality


High-quality market exposure

All of the funds are physically backed.

The funds provide exposure to some of the most widely used benchmarks – FTSE 100, MSCI World and S&P 500.

iShares is managed by BlackRock, the company trusted to manage more money than any other investment firm, meaning the iShares Core Series is backed by the firm’s portfolio managers and industry-leading risk expertise*.

Low Cost


Low cost investment

The TERs on the iShares Core Series offer low fees: from 0.07% to 0.25%.



Instant diversification in a single trade

The Core building blocks are designed to give instant access to a diversified basket of equities or bonds – all in a single trade.



Flexibility for unique investor needs

iShares Core funds are designed to be a versatile solution, choose as many funds from the range as needed.

The funds are also easy-to-buy and easy-to-sell, allowing portfolios to be adapted whether for long-term or more tactical investment.



Transparency of investment performance

Fund holdings, net asset values and performance figures for all funds are published online daily.

*Measured by AUM. Source: BlackRock, end April 2014
Please note that as of Monday, 9 June 2014 the name of each of the Funds referenced has been amended to include “Core” in their title. For further information please refer to the shareholder letter, dated 2nd June, on the 'All Documents' section on the funds webpage or contact your local iShares team.

iShares Core Series

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