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2016 Latin America and Iberia Investment Forum

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Big Data

Finding Big Alpha in Big Data

How is the explosion of data produced reshaping the landscape for asset management? What do investors need to know about “big data?” The Scientific Active Equity group answers these questions.


The Evolution of Multi-Asset Strategies

In a survey of more than 40 asset management firms, iShares studies the size and potential growth of the Multi-Asset Portfolios and ETF Managed Portfolios markets.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income Market Outlook

Our market experts guide you through the complex and ever-changing world of fixed income with thought provoking analysis.

Factor Based Investing

Smart Beta: Defining the Opportunity and Solutions

Smart beta has experienced an epic rise and attention in recent years. What is it and how can investors put it to work? Sara Shores answers these questions in this piece.


The New Diversification: Open Your Eyes to Alternatives

Dr. Christopher Geczy offers his views on why widening your sources of risk and return is always a prudent approach – in good times and in bad.

Visit our Alternatives Investments Education Center for more information.

Impact Investing

Investing with Impact

Ethical investing is high on the agenda for many investors who seek to incorporate the ethical views of their stakeholders in portfolios.

We propose new strategies that could increase positive impact and enhance investment returns.

Portfolio Construction

Strategic Allocation Perspectives

In the latest edition of our practical guidance to long-term investors, we discuss what the environment of out-of-sync cycles means for our core scenario and why we are taking ‘a keep calm and carry on’ approach to our strategic portfolio. We also explore the risks associated with holding foreign currency bonds for LDI investors.



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