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Certain share classes of certain Fund(s) mentioned in this document are registered for public distribution only in Spain, Portugal and Chile alongside each Prospectus for the Fund. In Spain, Fund(s) are registered with the number 140, 626 and 1239 in the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores de España (CNMV). In Portugal, Fund(s) are registered with the Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (CMVM). In Chile, Fund(s) are registered with the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (SVS) and for Fund(s) that are not registered they are subject to General Rule No. 336 and will not be supervised by the SVS. In Colombia, the sale of a Fund is addressed to less than one hundred specifically identified investors, and therefore may only be promoted or marketed in Colombia or to Colombian residents in compliance with Decree 2555 of 2010 and other applicable rules. In Mexico, certain iShares ETFs mentioned in this document have only been listed in the Sistema Internacional de Cotizaciones (SIC), and therefore, the veracity of the information has not been confirmed by the CNBV. No securities regulator in any country within Latin America or Iberia has confirmed the accuracy of any information contained herein.

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