In my current role, in the Portfolio Analytics Group, I manage a small team responsible for the delivery and enhancement of risk analytics to our Portfolio Managers and BRS Clients in the Asia Pacific region.  This involves market research at the forefront of new product launches, as well as keeping our existing analytics capabilities in an industry leading position.

Q: What was the most remarkable episode in your years with BlackRock?
A: I started work at our headquarters in New York 3 years ago, and shortly afterward was offered the opportunity to work in Tokyo, Japan for a 6 month rotation.  That was an incredibly exciting time for me, working more closely with major decision makers in that smaller office, in addition to being surrounded in an exotic and new culture.  The time I spent on rotation inspired me to return to a full time position in Tokyo.

Q: In what ways do you find your role rewarding?
A: It's very easy to see the benefit of the hard work we do, both in the success of the business we participate in, as well as the relationships developed with Portfolio and Risk Managers.  Another reward is the knowledge we're constantly acquiring.  Our work touches many markets and many parts of the investment management process, giving access to a wealth of industry know-how that I cannot imagine many other positions offer.

Q: Why do you choose to work at BlackRock?
A: Coming from Penn, there was considerable pressure to follow the "bulls" to the bulge bracket investment banks.  BlackRock offered a similarly challenging environment, but with a clearly stronger career path story (No 2 years & out tradition).  BlackRock also went to the trouble of introducing me to the team and daily work I'd experience if I chose them.  That paid off when I was able to see first hand that these people really liked what they were doing, thought it important, and even made the office a fun environment.

Q: How do you balance your work and life?
A: On the weekends I get out and explore Japan.  That can mean heading out for road trips by motorcycle, walking around Tokyo, or having fun at the night spots.  There's also a strong fitness culture here, and I'll spend time on the weekends running or going hiking in the mountains west of Tokyo.

Q: Please share your message to the students looking for a place to work in the future.
A: Your life story after college should have more to it than tales of long hours working on someone else's pitch book.  From the start, look for a place where your contribution is tangibly important, and you can have some part of the business to call your own.  Success in that environment is very rewarding, and will lead to a more fulfilling career.


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