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Healthcare in Retirement

Types of long-term care

Learn about different types of care options and how to pay for them, from home care to skilled nursing. Read full article

How to pay for long-term care

At least 70% of people over age 65 will need some form of long-term care. Consider three types of insurance tools that can help pay for it. Read full article

Medicare mythbusters

Here are four common misconceptions about Medicare that trip up people heading into retirement – and what you really need to know. Read full article

Caring for our elders in retirement

Younger retirees and spouses are caring for family members with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Here are some strategies to consider that can help reduce those costs in retirement. Read full article

Retirement health-care costs

Medicare can cost couples more than $250,000 in retirement and still leaves many needs uncovered. Start planning for retirement health expenses now. Read full article

Housing Options in Retirement

Where to retire

Curious about the best communities and states to retire? We break down key relocation destinations, all while considering the cost of living and tax burden. Read full article

Home equity for retirement income

Housing-smart moves prior to retirement can give your income a big boost down the line. Learn what home equity can mean for your retirement income. Read full article

10 things to consider before you downsize in retirement

Learn to think through the decision to downsize in retirement with these 10 things to consider. Read full article

Social Security in Retirement

Navigating Social Security decisions

Understand how to make an appropriate Social Security decision for your retirement planning. Read full article

When to claim Social Security

Understand whether age 62, your full retirement age or age 70 is the right time for you to activate your Social Security benefits. Read full article

Beyond your own Social Security benefits

If you're married (or have been before), there are a few things you need to know before taking your Social Security benefits. Read full article

Social Security benefits for dependents

Many people wind up having children later than they used to, partly because we're living longer. Learn about how late-life kids may qualify for Social Security benefits along with their parents. Read full article

Retirement Expenses

Retirement expense checklist

Worried you won't have enough retirement income? Using a retirement expense worksheet will help you identify potential future living costs. Read full article

Top 10 most commonly forgotten retirement expenses

Understanding your retirement expenses is an important step in successful retirement planning. Take the time to consider these 10 commonly overlooked retirement expenses. Read full article

Retirement expenses for the sandwich generation

Helping to support your family may be an important expense to factor into your retirement planning. Learn how to factor in this additional expense. Read full article


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