Living in retirement

What you need to know from
income-withdrawal strategies
to taxes. And have you thought
about a new career?

Working in Retirement

What's my encore in retirement?

What will you do in retirement? Learn three things to consider when thinking about your retirement years. Read full article

Encore career examples

From the frontlines of the new retirement, here are the stories of three people who discovered what came next, and found meaning, after leaving their primary careers. Read full article

Working in retirement with purpose

Hear from leaders Marc Freedman and Marci Alboher about working in retirement for purpose and passion. Read full article

5 things an encore can do for you

An encore career can provide passion, purpose and a paycheck in retirement. Find out what it can do for you. Read full article

Minimizing Risk

Navigating taxes on retirement income

Taxes on retirement income can take a big bite out of the money you actually have to live on later. Learn how tax-smart retirement planning can help boost your net retirement income. Read full article

6 retirement income risk factors

Before you can develop the best strategy for protecting your retirement income, it's important to understand the risks involved when you start tapping into your investments. Here's a list, including ones you might have overlooked—and ways to help deal with them. Read full article

Retirement Withdrawal Strategies

IRA withdrawal rules

Traditional and inherited IRAs have their own withdrawal rules, each varying depending on the circumstance. Understand what they are. Read full article

4% retirement withdrawal rule

Evaluate whether the 4% withdrawal rule may or may not be a retirement withdrawal strategy to consider for your 401k or IRA. Read full article

5 retirement income strategies

Consider these five ideas for drawing down your retirement savings. Read full article

Early retirement withdrawal mistakes

Although the temptation may be hard to resist, beware the high cost of taking an early 401(k) withdrawal or early IRA withdrawal. Read full article


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How can you find out if you’re saving the right amount for the income you want in retirement? Use our retirement calculator, powered by BlackRock’s CoRI Retirement Indexes, to get an estimate.

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