iRetire® Investment Fund Options

The investments available through the iRetire® plan are built with a diversified combination of holdings based on some of BlackRock's best thinking, available in BlackRock Target Allocation ETF Model Portfolios, BlackRock mutual funds, and iShares ETFs.


Target Allocation ETF Model Portfolios

BlackRock’s suite of Target Allocation ETF Model Portfolios gives advisors a flexible approach to address client needs. These scalable model portfolios are designed to help advisors simplify asset allocation, deliver a consistent investment process, and concisely explain the rationale to clients.

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Target Allocation Funds

The Target Allocation suite consists of four single-ticker diversified mutual funds that blend BlackRock mutual funds and iShares ETFs, designed to make implementation easier while tapping into the knowledge and investment expertise of BlackRock professionals around the globe.

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iShares Core Allocation ETFs

Each iShares Core Allocation Fund offers exposure to U.S. stocks, international stocks, and bonds at fixed weights and holds an underlying portfolio of iShares Core Funds. Investors and advisors can choose the portfolio that aligns with their specific risk considerations like investment time horizon; for example, those with longer investment time horizons may consider the iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETF.

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