Municipal bonds: Three reasons to
consider investing

Why municipals?

  1. Income: Municipal bonds continue to represent an attractive source of income, despite much-talked-about tax reform and its potential implications.
  2. Quality and diversification: With an average rating of AA, the muni market remains of high quality and the asset class has a negative correlation to equities, making it an effective portfolio diversifier.*
  3. Low volatility: Municipals have provided low volatility relative to other fixed income asset classes*, helping to protect investors from market shocks.

What you need to know: Q4 2017

What you need to know: Q3 2017

The newly established MSRB rule will introduce meaningful transparency on many municipal transactions.

What you need to know: Q3 2017

Credit research is critical in today's municipal market.

What you need to know: Q3 2017

BlackRock's Municipals Team is more defensive as valuations remain rich while supply is likely to pick up from the summer-time lull.

Municipal bonds help you keep more of what you earn given their tax-exempt nature.

Peter Hayes
Head of BlackRock's Municipal Bonds Group

Why BlackRock for municipals?

The fixed income quality you expect
at a low cost

  • Established Quality and Performance: 7 of our municipal bond funds delivered 1st quartile Morningstar performance over 3, 5 and 10 years.
  • Competitive Value: 7 of our municipal bond funds are priced in the least expensive quartile.
  • The BlackRock Advantage: As one of the largest and most experienced municipal bond managers, our insight, access and technology has helped investors pursue their goals.

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