Multi-Asset Strategies

Multi-Asset Strategies are designed to deliver improved outcomes by eliminating traditional investment boundaries and dynamically adjusting portfolios over time.

Capturing broad,
unbiased opportunities

Capturing broad, unbiased opportunities

Asset class-agnostic approach by applying thematic, factor and asset class lenses

Building flexible,
dynamic portfolios

Building flexible, dynamic portfolios

Portfolios that combine multiple investment approaches and nimbly adapt to changing market conditions

Risk-first mindset

Risk-first mindset

Risk managers and portfolio managers fine-tune exposures and stress test portfolios

Outcome-oriented strategies leveraging:

  • EXPERIENCE: More than 25 years’ of experience building multi-asset portfolios across a range of funds, customized mandates, and model portfolios.
  • BREADTH: Scale, industry leading risk management capabilities – Aladdin® and global reach of BlackRock.
  • DEPTH: $324 billion1 managed by over 180 investment professionals across 9 teams.

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