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15 of 23 of our U.S. bond funds, accounting for 89% of assets, have first quartile performance2.


20 of 23 of our U.S. bond funds, accounting for 87% of our fixed income funds, are priced in the least expensive quartile3.

We also have the largest selection of bond ETFs in the U.S.4 and are the #1 provider of separately managed accounts5. All built on our Aladdin risk technology platform.

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We've analyzed thousands of advisor portfolios, helping them uncover hidden risks. Below are some of the most common types of hidden risks we see in client portfolios that could leave investors short of their investing goals.

Equity Risk

Equity Risk

Bonds are behaving too much like equities

Interest Rate Risk

Interest Rate Risk

Unbalanced bond allocations are breeding instability

Yield Risk

Yield Risk

Bond strategy is not generating enough income

Where hidden risks lurk
See the research behind how BlackRock has uncovered hidden risks in fixed income portfolios.
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We offer strategies well positioned to manage those risks

With our high-performing, low-cost mutual funds and the largest selection of bond ETFs in the U.S.4, we provide a range of strategies to solve for hidden risks.

How is technology helping BlackRock manage risk?

Hear from Rick Rieder, BlackRock's Global Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income, on how the team uses technology to better understand risks in the fixed income markets.

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    Q: How is technology helping BlackRock manage risk?

    The investment world has evolved to where markets have become more efficient in many ways. Social and other media more broadly creates an incredible flow of information. To regularly out-pick the market based on one specific piece of information is impossible. So what should you do? Research, research, research. And analyze. And then allocate your portfolio in a way that ensures you’ve got relative value decisions all around the world, all around the capital stack, and around different asset classes. Then do it over and over again.

    It’s a way of tilting the odds in your favor. By repeating that process a million times over, you’re creating a dynamic where you’re not just diversifying to reduce risk, but you’re diversifying in a way that you’ve got a lot of relative value calls that make sense. When you do it over and over, the odds are working for you on a regular basis.

Well positioned to identify risk

BlackRock is powered by Aladdin®, our powerful risk-analysis and portfolio management technology. Our Aladdin® risk technology platform oversees $17+ trillion in assets under management and is relied upon by 100+ institutions.

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