BlackRock Interactive Charts

Whether your goal is to find growth, seek protection, or generate income in today’s markets, BlackRock funds can help you build a better portfolio. Launch these interactive charts to view each fund’s history of performance, asset allocation and more.

Multi-Asset Income Fund

Track the Multi-Asset Income Fund’s yield vs. volatility, historical asset allocation and performance to see how it seeks to provide what’s needed in uncertain markets: more income and less risk.

Global Allocation Fund

Explore how the Global Allocation Fund's diversified approach has grown a $10k investment in 1989 into over $100k today.



Want to see if the fund would have improved your portfolio over the past 25 years?

Strategic Income Opportunities Fund

Observe the Strategic Income Opportunities Fund’s flexibility to manage interest rate and credit risk, and how that approach has helped protect your investment in different bond market environments. Adjust the implementation tool to view different portfolio allocations.

Global Long/Short Credit Fund

See how the Global Long/Short Credit Fund's goal of eliminating interest rate risk allows it to generate returns regardless of rates moving up, down or sideways, and how it may enhance the diversification within your portfolio.

An Intro to Alternatives

A traditional "60/40" allocation to stocks and bonds may no longer be enough to meet an investor’s long-term goals. Use this chart to build a hypothetical portfolio and see how adding Alternative Investments can offer broader diversification with the potential to enhance returns.