Weekly Market Commentary

Emerging markets in a sweet spot (for now)

We see a window for EM assets to further outperform, but structural challenges could come to the fore later this year. BlackRock Global Chief Investment Strategist Richard Turnill explains.

Fixed Income Market Strategy

Come and knock on our door. . .

With the longer-term issues seen in the first six weeks of the year still looming large, can recent improvements in financial markets hold? BlackRock's Jeff Rosenberg discusses this and more in his monthly Fixed Income Market Strategy.

Municipal Market Update

Income carries munis to positive month

Municipal bonds notched their ninth consecutive month of positive performance, thanks largely to carried income and a friendly Fed. BlackRock’s Municipals Team looks ahead.

Strategic Income Opportunities Insight Monthly

Modestly adding risk while keeping a careful watch

As high quality bond yields are likely to stay low for longer, selectively adding risk may be the answer to finding a more attractive return stream.

Market Perspectives

Revisiting the importance of downside mitigation

Mark Peterson discusses the benefits — and importance — of managing downside volatility.

Municipal Bonds

Municipal Bonds: Three reasons to invest

As tax time looms, Peter Hayes offers three key reasons to consider an investment in the tax-exempt asset class.

Global Allocation Insight Monthly

Positioning for a rebalancing in the oil markets

After 18 months of declining oil prices, it’s time to start prospecting for investments that could benefit in a return to stability. David Clayton explains.


Our speakers

Jeff Rosenberg MD Thumbnail

Jeffrey Rosenberg, Chief Investment Strategist for Fixed Income

Peter Hayes Thumbnail

Peter Hayes, Head of Municipal Bonds Group

Chart of the Week

China on the Mend?

After rough start, stocks bounce back with a vengeance

The Blog

Apr 29, 2016 - Richard Turnill
Apr 28, 2016 - Jean Boivin, PhD
Apr 27, 2016 - Russ Koesterich

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