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Salim Ramji, Senior Managing Director and Head of BlackRock's U.S. Wealth Advisory business, welcomes you to the latest issue of Shareholder magazine.

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    Change and choice. Quality and value. They’re important to you as you endeavor to build a fruitful investment portfolio — and they’re increasingly evident in the marketplace.

    At BlackRock, we’ve taken steps to enhance quality and value for investors — streamlining our equity and fixed income offerings to capitalize on strengths, and lowering fees across select index and active strategies to afford investors like you access to a powerful, cost-effective set of tools for building your investment portfolio.

    This comes at a time when financial markets and the investment opportunity set are changing. Reflation is setting the stage for new opportunities — and risks. And your choices for capitalizing on those opportunities and managing portfolio risks are greater than ever before. Index strategies and smart beta are rivaling traditional investment options in appeal, offering an attractive mix of performance and price.

    Add to these dynamics a wealth management industry also in a state of change. What began as a legislative compulsion to extend a higher standard of care is now an industry-wide mission to ensure investor needs are front and center like never before.

    We’re heartened by these developments — as the world’s largest asset manager, as a pioneer and engineer in risk management and, above all, as a fiduciary. Our clients have always come first. This is not a choice, but a defining conviction — one that is not subject to change.

Salim Ramiji
Head of U.S. Wealth Advisory
Salim is head of BlackRock's US Wealth Advisory business. He is responsible for leading and executing our relationships with wealth management firms and ...