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Salim Ramji, Senior Managing Director and Head of BlackRock's U.S. Wealth Advisory business, welcomes you to the latest issue of Shareholder magazine.

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    Even good habits die hard.

    One such habit is saving. It can be quite a mental leap to shift from carefully building a nest egg to seeing it dwindle in retirement.

    The variables that determine whether your cache will diminish too far too fast are many, and often amorphous: your retirement expenses, inflation, market returns, your longevity.

    It’s a challenge we’ve been working diligently to address here at BlackRock, with innovations in retirement income planning. In cooperation with your financial advisor, we can help you assess your retirement readiness, identify any retirement income gap, offer suggestions for closing it and conceive a decumulation strategy.

    These efforts are a priority for us, because retirement is a priority for you. It’s both your greatest life reward and your largest financial responsibility. We’re making it our responsibility to help you achieve it, as an investment manager, pioneer in risk management and fiduciary for investors worldwide.

    You may know, new regulations are challenging financial advisors to strengthen their commitments to their clients and their goals. BlackRock is working with the advisor community to facilitate that evolution as we all collectively endeavor to create better financial futures for investors like you.

    That tenacity and drive to adapt and innovate on your behalf is unwavering. Indeed, it’s one habit we refuse to break.

Salim Ramiji
Head of U.S. Wealth Advisory
Salim is head of BlackRock's US Wealth Advisory business. He is responsible for leading and executing our relationships with wealth management firms and overseeing our ...