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Salim Ramji, Senior Managing Director and Head of BlackRock's U.S. Wealth Advisory business, welcomes you to the latest issue of Shareholder magazine.

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    Financial markets are famously unpredictable. You might say uncertainty is one of few certainties in investing. Another uncomfortable reality:

    Markets move up...and down.

    As recent volatility has evidenced, we are in a transition period for many markets. And while comfort might be hard to achieve when markets turn down or sideways, preparedness and proper expectations are not as great a leap and may be just what’s required for your investment portfolio, and your peace of mind.

    Indeed, perspective can go a long way in helping you to view market transitions not as impediments, but as opportunities: The chance to review your strategy and make adjustments aimed at capitalizing on the prevailing backdrop.

    And we hope you can take comfort in the idea that BlackRock is astutely attuned to the markets' vagaries and is equipped with the insight, global reach and investment tools to help you navigate and prevail in these uncertain times.

    Just as hints of change are percolating in the financial markets, I am pleased and excited to embrace a personal and professional change. As the new Head of BlackRock’s U.S. Wealth Advisory business, I am humbled and privileged to represent the millions of individual investors who have entrusted their assets, and more importantly their dreams and ambitions, to BlackRock.

    I truly believe our success in USWA is measured by your success in achieving your financial goals. As I assume the reins, my confidence in our ability to deliver on that mission is matched only by a deep sense of pride and appreciation for the opportunity to accompany you on your financial journey.


    Sincerely Frank

    Salim Ramji
    Senior Managing Director & Head of U.S. Wealth Advisory

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