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Thumb: Asset Class Returns

Asset class returns

Explain why diversification amongst asset classes can help reduce portfolio volatility over time and might help increase returns.

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Thumb: Investing and emotions

Investing and emotions

Showing common reactions to market turbulence can help clients maintain perspective and find opportunities for growth — even in uncertain times.

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Thumb: Withdrawal rates

Withdrawal rates

Demonstrate how a modest withdrawal rate over time can have a large impact on whether your portfolio will last throughout retirement.

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Thumb: Social Security program

Social Security program

Social Security can be a complicated topic to tackle, but by helping your clients better understand their options, you can help them maximize their Social Security retirement benefits.

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Thumb: Advisor & investor education platform

Advisor & investor education platform

Industry-leading value-added programs designed to enhance your business as well as to help you educate your clients about today’s relevant investing and financial planning topics.

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Thumb: Alternative investments

Alternative investments

Helping your clients understand alternative strategies and assets can help them feel confident that including alternative investments in their portfolio might help them better achieve their financial goals.

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