Benchmarking measures DC plans against their peers to help plan sponsors understand how well they are meeting the needs of their participants. It is increasingly recognized as one of the most powerful tools for optimizing a DC plan.

It's not just about measuring fees and avoiding litigation—benchmarking can help plan sponsors understand the value they're receiving.

Finding the Right Approach

Benchmarking can be pursued in a number of ways, including research into Form 5500 collected by the Department of Labor or through an objective benchmarking service. To learn more about the best way to approach benchmarking for your plan, read The Case for Benchmarking or reach out to your BlackRock DC representative.


BlackRock Can Help with Benchmarking Analytics

As a financial professional who focuses on the retirement plan market, you understand the importance of helping plan sponsors build more effective retirement plans for their employees. The ability to evaluate a plan’s effectiveness with benchmarking analytics and offer suggestions for enhancements will reinforce your value with clients and prospects.

To help you provide this service to plan sponsors, BlackRock is pleased to offer you resources that help you examine specific features of the plans you're working with.

Differentiate yourself by helping plan sponsors determine how their plan measures up against their peers. Provide us with some information about the plan and we'll help you get started.

According to ERISA, plan sponsors have an obligation to ensure that the fees they pay service providers are reasonable. Benchmarking — or evaluating and comparing plan fees and services to those of other similar plans — is one way to help plan fiduciaries determine what is “reasonable.”

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