Managing a 401(k) plan is a complex undertaking.

The fiduciary toolkit, developed with ERISA attorney Marcia Wagner, describes the rules and regulations for the investment related fiduciary responsibilities a plan sponsor faces. Both non-fiduciary and fiduciary advisors can provide valuable assistance on behalf of a plan — and leverage their knowledge to better serve clients and be more effective in winning new DC business.

With the fiduciary toolkit you get:

  • In-depth education about the roles, responsibilities and reporting requirements
  • Resources to help plan sponsors understand all the required duties
  • Seminars that summarize the key concepts of each topic

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Core Toolkit

What every plan sponsor needs to know.

Fiduciary Diligence Did you know?
It would be a prohibited transaction for a plan sponsor to accept any type of special compensation from an investment provider.
Investment Menu Did you know?
A Qualified Change in Investment Options, relieves the plan sponsor from responsibility for participants’ investment allocation decisions.
Plan Fees Did you know?
A Fee Policy Statement can help the plan sponsor follow a prudent review process designed to ensure plan fees are reasonable.
Fiduciary Status Did you know?
Registered representatives earning variable compensation may not act in a fiduciary capacity under ERISA.

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