The fiduciary landscape is changing fast. It is more important than ever to understand the various fiduciary roles, responsibilities and changing reporting requirements that affect both you and your 401(k) clients. These materials and tools are designed to help you get ahead of the changes and demonstrate your value to new and existing clients.


Plan Fees

401(k) Fees, Disclosure & Best Practices

In light of regulatory and litigation-driven scrutiny of 401(k) plan fees, many plan fiduciaries are adopting best practices intended to satisfy the related fiduciary requirements under ERISA.  This guide provides an overview of these requirements under ERISA and offers best practices to help you help your plan sponsors evaluate fees properly.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Review of New 401(k) Plans

Before signing on to be a Fiduciary, consider a "due diligence" review of the existing plan's operations. Not only will you demonstrate your value to new clients through your in-depth knowledge of their plan, but you'll help protect yourself from potential co-fiduciary liability.  This guide provides insight into a plan's state of compliance with the tax-qualification requirements under Title II of ERISA.

Investment Menu

Advising 401(k) Clients on the Investment Menu

Demonstrate your value to new clients and help protect yourself from potential fiduciary legal liability. Whether you're taking over new plans or focusing on maintaining good practices for your existing plans, this guide provides important information on fostering compliance with the fiduciary requirements under ERISA.

Investment Duties

Advising 401(k) Clients on Core Investment Duties

Highlight the central investment duties imposed on plan sponsors under ERISA and the actions that should be taken to satisfy them. This core fiduciary guide provides an overview of the various duties required of fiduciaries, and how these duties impact their investment decisions. It also explains how you can support your 401(k) client's efforts to manage the plan's investment menu successfully.

Fiduciary Status

Understanding the Different Roles and Status of 401(k) Plan Fiduciaries

There is a great deal of confusion about fiduciary responsibilities under the Advisers Act, FINRA, state law and ERISA and how these separate rules interact with one another in the context of a 401(k) plan. This guide will help you understand how plan fiduciaries can assume different roles under a plan, resulting in different varieties of fiduciary status and titles.

Fiduciary Liability

Liability Case Studies & Strategies for 401(k) Plan Fiduciaries

Help protect yourself and your 401(k) clients from potential legal liability by understanding the indemnification and insurance provisions of ERISA and how fiduciaries may be impacted by them. This guide includes three case studies highlighting the real-life importance of understanding ERISA provisions and offers another way for you to provide value to your plan sponsors.

Rollover Assets

Navigating ERISA Restrictions on Cross-Selling to 401(k) Plan Participants

Capture rollover assets the right way by equipping yourself with the knowledge you need to navigate the special ERISA rules which impact how you can and can't pursue rollover assets. This guide investigates the nature of the restrictions under ERISA that limit the ability of fiduciary advisors to capture rollovers and provides practical suggestions to help you successfully gather rollover assets.

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