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With equity returns likely to moderate and volatility set to rise, today’s plan line-ups should look for a blend of active and index approaches. For actively managed equity funds, consider strategies that offer participants the ability to find growth and manage uncertain markets.


Equity Dividend Fund

Equity Dividend Fund

A portfolio built on high-quality, dividend-paying companies, primarily domiciled in the U.S.


Global Allocation Fund

Global Allocation FundMorningstar gold rating

Highly diversified portfolio that invests in global stocks, bonds and currencies with a proven record of growing and protecting assets.


International Fund

International Fund

Invests primarily in growth and value stocks outside the U.S.


Advantage Small Cap Core Fund

Advantage Small Cap Core Fund

Invests at least 80% of its assets in equity securities or other financial instruments similar to, the securities included in the Russell 2000® Index.


Fixed income menus used to be simple: Just add a core bond fund for conservative investors at or near retirement, or as a diversifier for do-it-yourself participants. In today’s low yield, low return environment, menu options demand consistent performance and low fees.


Thumb: TR Fund

Total Return FundMorningstar silver rating

Seeks to maximize risk-adjusted total return by investing in a range of fixed income sectors.


Thumb: GB Fund

U.S. Government Bond Fund

Invests primarily in the highest-rated government and agency bonds.


Thumb: HYB Fund

High Yield Bond FundMorningstar bronze rating

Prudently balances risk and return while seeking income opportunities.


Thumb: IP Bond fund

Inflation Protected Bond Fund

High-quality, government–issued securities that seek to offer a hedge against inflation.


Indexing has long played a significant role in the largest institutional defined contribution (DC) plans. But now, indexing is gaining interest and momentum in small and mid-sized plans as well. In 2014 alone, 27.3% of plan sponsors increased their proportion of index fund assets*.


BlackRock's suite of Index Mutual Funds and LifePath Index Target Date Portfolios can be the foundation for high quality investment menus.

Suite of index mutual funds

LifePath® Index FundsMorningstar gold rating

As one of only two target date fund series awarded Morningstar Analyst Gold rating, LifePath Index combines the LifePath legacy with BlackRock's indexing expertise.




Our index mutual funds cost about 1/10 as much as comparable mutual funds. BlackRock is trusted to manage more indexed assets than any other firm3. Our expert team of index professionals is dedicated to delivering results.

Assets in smart beta strategies are growing as investors catch on to smart beta’s potential to enhance returns and reduce risk. Smart beta strategies target exposures to factors – the persistent drivers of returns within and across asset classes. DC plans can now access indexes that target specific factors through our smart beta funds and our
LifePath smart beta funds.

Thumb: Min Vol USA Index Fund

Min Vol USA Index Fund

Seeks to track an index of U.S. equities that have lower volatility characteristics relative to the broader U.S. equity market.


Thumb : Min Vol EAFE Index Fund

Min Vol EAFE Index Fund

Seeks to track an index of market equities that have lower volatility characteristics relative to the broader equity markets, excluding the U.S. and Canada.


Thumb: Multifactor USA Index Fund

Multifactor USA Index Fund

Seeks to track an index composed of U.S. large- and mid-capitalization stocks with favorable exposure to target style factors.


Thumb: Multifactor International Fund

Multifactor International Fund

Seeks to track an index of global large- and mid-capitalization stocks, excluding the U.S., with favorable exposure to target style factors.