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Thumb: College savings solutions

College savings solutions

How can a 529 plan help me save more for college?

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Thumb: The cost of college

Cost of a college education

How much, and how early, should I save for my child’s education?

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Thumb: Diversifying with alternatives

Diversifying with alternatives

Should I incorporate alternatives in my portfolio?

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Thumb: Interest rates drive bond returns

Interest rates drive bond returns

With interest rates so low, which bonds should I invest in?

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Thumb: Beyond treasuries

Beyond treasuries

Why should I diversify my fixed income investments?

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Thumb: Cashing in

Cashing in

Why shouldn’t I hold cash?

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Thumb: Global investing

Global investing

Can global investing help improve my portfolio's performance?

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Thumb: Asset class returns

Asset class returns

Why is it important to diversify my investments?

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Thumb: Inflation


What do I need to know about inflation?

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Thumb: Inflation protection

Inflation protection

If I’m worried inflation will increase, how do I protect my portfolio?

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Thumb: Strategies for volatile markets

Strategies for volatile markets

How can I take control of my investments in today's volatile markets?

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Thumb: Equity investing in volatile markets

Equity investing in volatile markets

Why should I invest now, when markets have been so volatile?

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Thumb: Investing during uncertain times

Investing during uncertain times

How can I meet my long-term goals if the market is in turmoil?

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Thumb: Market cycles

Market cycles

Should I stay invested when the stock market is so volatile?

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Thumb: Long/short strategies

Long/short strategies

Should I invest in long/short strategies?

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Thumb: Accelerate recovery

Accelerate recovery

How can my portfolio recover quickly from a market decline

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Thumb: Withdrawal rates

Withdrawal rates

How much retirement income can I take and still be confident that I won’t outlive my money?

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Thumb: Sequence of returns

Sequence of returns

What impact will market volatility have on my chances of success?

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Thumb: Individual retirement accounts

Individual retirement accounts

Can my IRA provide a legacy for my heirs?

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Thumb: Roth IRA conversion

Roth IRA conversion

What’s the best strategy for transferring my wealth to my heirs through an IRA?

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